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Güliz Fiş

Güliz Fiş, born in Samsun in 1981, is one of the architects behind the projects that add soul to spaces. She is a graduate of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (MSGSÜ) Architecture Department. She started her master's degree in MSGSÜ Project and Construction Management Department in 2007 and she completed it at Istanbul Technical University where she was transferred.

Güliz Fiş carried her fund of knowledge in professional business life, dynamics of construction project phases, and her curiosity of innovation in these processes to her thesis on "Innovation in the Construction Sector". You can access the thesis content published in the National Thesis Center from this link.

During her undergraduate education, she worked in the Real Estate Sales - Marketing and After Sales Architectural Services Department of Aşçıoğlu İnşaat's Selenium Projects. While studying for her master's degree, she continued her corporate life and also worked as a freelance architect in different restoration and renovation projects. She gained her first construction site experience as a site and design architect at Akaretler Residences and W-Hotel.

Güliz Fiş, who continued her studies aiming at progress in the field of the technical office throughout her education, gave a new direction to her career by specializing in purchasing. She has worked in the central purchasing departments of prestigious construction companies such as Dia Holding, Polimeks Holding, and GAP İnşaat / Çalık Holding. These companies are listed on the ENR which lists the world's largest contracting companies providing contracting services domestically and abroad. She has directed the contract management, purchasing, process planning, budget control, tender and procurement processes of international projects of different locations and categories.

You can access the experiences and business contacts of Güliz Fiş at her LinkedIn account, she is currently serving as the Women Committee Member of the Purchasing Professionals and Managers Association (TÜSAYDER) and as the Alumni Business Network Committee Chairman of Samsun College Istanbul Alumni Association.

Throughout her professional life, Güliz Fiş has realized that too much time is being spent to have full knowledge of the market, that technically insufficient resources are being used, and there has been information pollution in the search for products and services of the desired quality. She has detected that the correct information cannot be reached directly and that there are problems in terms of access, communication, and reference in finding the qualified supplier, be it the manufacturer or the installer.

She observed that the supplier companies in the construction sector have to choose both tough and costly methods to reach the contractors and introduce themselves. She saw that there has been a need for an effective meeting where the contractors can reach directly and quickly to companies that are specialized in completing projects on time, within budget, and at the desired quality; where the suppliers can reveal their differences by presenting their capabilities and competencies in detail.

As a purchasing professional in the construction sector, she has created a model for herself to facilitate business processes by saying "There should be no limit to learning and sharing information" in today's information age. Powered by this model, which was developed by taking into account the trends, needs, and reality of the sector, Güliz Fiş established insuppliers.com where the companies can introduce themselves in detail and at low cost, get references from contractors through this model and publish them in their profiles; where contractors can also directly reach the suppliers they are looking for with multiple search criteria.

The professional network of the construction industry InSuppliers is a global digital platform that provides networking between contractors and suppliers to find the optimal business partnerships for themselves.

Güliz Fiş invites both suppliers and contractors to InSuppliers, saying "Now is the time to act" to change the rules of the game in this age of transformation. You can find detailed information about InSuppliers here.

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